Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman: From The Ashes

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Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were teenagers from Oklahoma. They’d gone to elementary school together. And although they went to different high schools, they remained close friends. On December 30th, 1999, they were at Ashley’s house in the town of Welch. A fire broke out in the home and when it was extinguished, Ashley’s parents were found dead. But Lauria and Ashley were never seen again.

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If you have any information regarding the disappearances of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, please contact the FBI at (405) 290-7770. Or the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 800 522-8017.

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  1. You’ve been my source of entertainment this week while I work. Glad I found this page! And I loved listening to Loreen. I’m a big fan of old twangy voices.

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