Ahren Barnard: Cause and Effect

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Ahren Benjamin Barnard, Benji to those who knew him best, was a 35 year old father from Boise, ID. He was an entrepreneur and got along with everyone. On Dec. 4, 2004, Ahren was at McDonald’s and unexpectedly got from his roommate to come home. He was never seen again.






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If anyone hard any information regarding the disappearance of Ahren Barnard, please contact the Boise Police Department at (208) 377-6500.

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1 thought on “Ahren Barnard: Cause and Effect

  1. My heart breaks for Ahren’s mother, and I hope she gets some answers soon.

    One thing I wanted to point out…I think his mom mentioned that there was no record of him going to Mexico. Considering the behavior of the roommate I doubt that is what happened anyway, but just wanted to share some information. It was very easy to get into Mexico without leaving a trail, at least back then. I went to a wedding in Mexico in 2004 and drove across the border, and ID checks were totally at random. If you got a red light they stopped and checked your ID. If you got a green light you just got to drive right in, no passport shown or questions asked! It was the craziest border entry I ever experienced. The way back into the U.S. was much different, of course with lots of questions, agents looking under cars, drug-sniffing dogs, etc.

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